J. Michell Robinson
That Being Broke Taught Me
Had I not gone through life on the ugly side of money, I might not understand some of the toughest lessons about managing my finances. You will have to pay your debts, not escape them. You will have to sacrifice to live within your means. You will have to take the extra step. I may have grown up affected by many environmental factors, but when it came came down to it, I found I was directly responsible for my most serious financial pitfalls.
Invest in yourself...
it pays the best interest!
- J. Michell Robinson
Manage Your Money
Remember this: you are always in command of your money. You always make the final decision of where it gets spent, who you owe, and how much you need. When I decided I did not want to be broke anymore, I started to understand that the circumstances affecting my money were designed to make me feel out of control.
Lessons From My

Deciding not to be broke is not as much a matter of circumstance as it is a matter of sacrifice. I had to make life changes that changed me for the better. When you decide you don’t want to be broke, you will change your habits, and you will even change your perspective.

No matter how rich you are, most people use money as wallpaper to remedy insecurity. Even people without much money to spend will give what little they have for the sake of not looking broke! These are challenges that much be overcome from within to live in a way that allows you to build wealth. Your future depends on how far you will go to take back control of your life, and how deep inside yourself you are willing to reach.

From preparing to retirement to transforming your business into a force of change, there are plenty of ways to get started on your journey to explore your next phase. How can we make the world a better place together?